Gracelyn Dupingay
Banaue, Ifugao
ASKI Client Story
Self-reliance is the name of the game for Gracelyn Dupingay, a 24- year old single parent from Banaue, Ifugao. She was only 12 years old when her father died and her mother can barely provide for her and for her three siblings. While still at school, Gracelyn had to start working in order to contribute to the families income. Her mother was into wood-carving and that´s where Gracelyn got involved herself too. Their family owned a small handicrafts shop selling carved woodwork, from small penholders to folded chairs. Gracelyn, still being a student, was able to finish high school while working. However, continuing her education at college was no option due to the financial situation of her family.
Marie Grace Empascua
Solano, Nueva Vizcaya
ASKI Client Story
A daughter of a farm laborer, Marie Grace of Solano, Nueva Vizcaya had endured all kinds of life difficulties during her childhood together with her five siblings. Marie Grace did have big dreams for her future, but seeing her education run short, she buried those dreams. And these made her more motivated to achieve a better life, a better living.
Elma Galamay
Solano, Nueva Vizcaya
ASKI Client Story
Elma Galamay is the 47 year old wife of the barangay captain in Solano. She has two daughters, Joyce Ann, 23, working in Manila and Marian Joy, 19. In 1990, she opened a retail store in front of her house and ventured fish selling in 1994. She also has backyard hog raising to further earn. As years go by, she saw the growing needs of her family and realized that she needs to expand or improve the ventures to cope with financial difficulties. Hearing about ASKI, she was quite hesitant at the beginning. She took her first loan of Php5,000 in 2007 and soon got convinced from the good work of ASKI. The fast and good service made her an advocate for ASKI’s programs and even got engaged in the work of ASKI herself.
Melchor Jose
Solano, Nueva Vizcaya
ASKI Client Story
For five years, Melchor Jose, 35 years old, had been working as househelper in Makati. When he decided to go back to his hometown, he put up a retail store in Bambang, Nueva Vizcaya. Together with his wife Brenda, he was able to earn a small profit from the business for 15 years. They started another store in the elementary school where their children, Minerba, 10, and Mia, 8, are studying. Brenda also started working in the school canteen to earn more.
Evangeline Alvarez
Ilagan City, Isabela
Most Outstanding ASKI Client - Ilagan, Isabela
Evangeline Alvarez, daughter of a tenant farmer and a vendor in Ilagan City, Isabela, was not able to finish high school. Poverty led Evangeline into vending vegetables to help her parents earn for the family. At an early age, she got married to Reynaldo, a baker who is also determined to progress.
Helen Fabros
Dingalan, Aurora
Inspiring "Rags-to-Riches" Business Enterprise - Dingalan, Aurora
In 2005, Helen Fabros of Dingalan Aurora, dreamt of living her life out of poverty. Having P500 left in her pocket, she used it as a starting capital and entered into vegetable vending business. Tireless and determined to win in life, she walks everyday with her bilao (large woven tray) full of vegetables to sell her goods and earn for a living. She never gave up; instead, she took everything as a challenge.
Rebecca Ferrer
Mangaldan, Pangasinan
Most Outstanding Enterprise of a Husband and Wife Tandem - Mangaldan, Pangasinan
Rebecca and Armando started their business in 1985. With a starting capital of P5,000 the couple worked hard and established a name in the peanut brittle making industry- they are now known as the Ferrer Sweet Peanut Brittle in Sesame.
Ravenal Quizon
San Ildefonso, Bulacan
Most Outstanding ASKI Client - San Ildefonso, Bulacan
Ravenal Quizon of San Ildefonso, Bulacan was a happy-go-lucky bachelor before his mother died in 2005. His lavish living was halted when his mother was fighting for her illness. His mother eventually passed away and he was left with an outstanding bank loan amounting to 2 million pesos
Bhaby Francis Rodriguez
Cabanatuan City
Most Outstanding Client - Cabanatuan City
In 2006, Bhaby Francis Rodriguez followed her heart’s desire of becoming an entrepreneur instead of pursuing her profession as a teacher. Her hard-earned savings as a teacher in Saudi Arabia for many years were used to pay for stall rental fees in a mall in Cabanatuan City and established Iskhah’s boutique.
Leonida Bautista
Bustos, Bulacan
A woman with disability stand firm against inability
Leonida "Nida" Bautista of Brgy. Tibagan, Bustos, Bulacan was only a one year old child when her life was changed forever. She recalled she had a poliomyelitis or often called polio and vaccine was still nowhere at that time according to her mother.
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