Jenifer Alejo
Naguillan, Isabela
He Shines In Kropek Business
After working in Metro Manila as a security guard for a year, Jenifer Alejo found out that all he wanted was to go back to his hometown in Naguilian, Isabela. He realized that what he really desire was right at home.

Jenifer left the hustling and bustling city life and stayed at home peacefully yet successfully.

After quitting the job, Jennifer decided to drive a tricycle that he got through a financing scheme in 2000 to provide for his family. However, his income was not enough to sustain the needs of his family. He started thinking of going into a small business. He and his wife Vivian decided to engage into buy and sell of candies, kropek and other delicacies.
Zenaida Avellaneda
Baler, Aurora
Lady Reigns In Nipa, Duck Raising Business
Raising nine children was not easy for Zenaida and Teofilo Avellaneda of Baler, Aurora. They knew that to provide for their family needs they must double their efforts and look for other ways to augment their meager income.

Zeny engaged into a beauty product dealership and buy and sell of fruits at the same time. Teofilo, on the other hand, worked as a contractual employee in a government agency and got engaged into hog raising also.

Experiencing the kind of life that they previously had, their children volunteered to help in providing additional income for the family by selling "balot" after their classes.

Still not enough for their daily expenses, the couple also tried securing loans with high interest rates especially in times of urgent need.
Lolly Cabigat
Alfonso Castaneda, Nueva Vizcaya
Couple Takes Pride In Preserving Ifugao’s Heritage
Lolly Cabbigat is an Igorot who hails from Alfonso Castaneda, Nueva Vizcaya. She and her husband Jonathan managed Four H Handicraft, a woodcraft business that showcases Igorot skills and artistry.

A talented wood carver and carpenter, Jonathan handles the production aspect while Lolly takes care of marketing operation of the business. "We decided to go into this kind of business because we also want to preserve the unique cultural heritage of the Igorots," says Lolly.

Lolly has a keen eye and feel that she is always a recipient of God’s blessings. She considered it God's gift when she acquired a market stall in CP CASECNAN- a business site in Baguio where local products are sold by many producers and artisans. The availability of a wide range of local products attract many local and foreign tourists. This in turn makes sales brisk. It’s a joy to behold.
Yolanda Clemencia
San Isidro, Baggao, Cagayan
From Zero Assets to Multiple Resources
Yolanda "Yoly" Clemencia, 40, married to Larry Clemencia, a mother of four from San Isidro, Baggao, Cagayan started as an entrepreneur with a minimal capital.

In 1995, she opened her small store with a P3,000-worth of groceries owed from a relative. She paid this on installment basis. Her husband, on the other hand was a regular construction driver in Tuguegarao with P50 daily salary.

In 2000, Yoly became a pig breeder while her husband was hired as a driver in Philrock Company in Northern Cagayan. After a year, he transferred as a driver in Javier Construction. There had been a tremendous increase in his salary, and Yoly's earning from the small store became better that enabled them to renovate their house.
Delmar Duginon
Bambang, Nueva Vizcaya
Recovering Dreams From Personal Loss
When typhoon "Yoyong" struck the country in 2003, Delmar Duginon, 34, of Bambang, Nueva Vizcaya was not spared by the damage caused by the calamity. Many properties and businesses were lost including that of Delmar.

He was managing a rice retailing business back then. "I lost my business that resulted to great debt. I just thank the Lord because no one from my loved ones got hurt from the said typhoon," recalls Delmar.

Delmar was deeply saddened of what happened. He didn't know what to do. "When I thought about it, I felt discouraged because putting up my first business was not easy," he shares.

He adds, "It was something that I dream and then in just a snap of a finger it was gone. It also pains me to think of how can I pay the P80,000 loan that I used in setting-up the business."
Rosalinda Espana
Suklayin, Baler, Aurora
Earning More From Sabutan Handicrafts
From her native but elegantly designed sabutan handicrafts, Rosalinda T. España, of Brgy. Suklayin, Baler, Aurora proves that she doesn't need to be a corporate executive to earn a good income every month.

Sabutan is a specie of pandan that grows from two to four meters tall and can be found in mountains, terrains and forested areas.

In Aurora, sabutan fibers are woven into hats, baskets, handbag, fans, wallets, mattresses and throw pillow covers. The handwoven sabutan of Aurora have found a niche in the local and international market and is now becoming the pride of the province.
May Fores
Santa Ignacia, Tarlac
More Income From Flourishing Dried Fish Venture
Many Filipinos got turn off with the strong smell of dried fishes but not May Fores of Sta. Ignacia, Tarlac City. She proved that there is nothing fishy in a lucrative business.

In 2002, May started selling dried fishes in her hometown because of its great potential. "We were influenced by the boss of my husband who is a Chinese and was a dried fish dealer. My husband and I saw the potential of selling dried fishes in the market and we agreed to make it as a business," May shares.

Learning from the difficulties she experienced during her younger years, May was determined to move out of poverty.
Nanette Gacias
Tuguegarao City, Cagayan
Single Mom Gets College Diploma, Succeeds In Business
Who would have thought that a single mother who had an early marriage and unable to finish college would later become successful in her business and receive a diploma at the same time?

Nanette T. Gacias of Tuguegarao City did. Marriage at an early age did not stop her to pursue her business and most importantly getting a college degree. She finished Bachelor of Science in Commerce major in Management at the same year.

Her parents supported her dreams. With an own capital of P15,000, Nanette started selling siopao, bread products and pizza to nearby schools and offices. She became popular in the community because of her affordable products and her friendly ways with her customers.
Zenaida Guray
Maria Aurora, Aurora
Inspiring Couple Starts From Nothing
Zenaida, 55 and Domingo Guray, 60 of Maria Aurora, Aurora started with nothing when they got married in 1979. They never experienced having expensive gifts unlike other newlyweds who started comfortably.

All they can remember was a small piggybank. The couple grew up poor so they were used to living in poverty. Zenaida was working as a household help when she met Domingo or Domeng, a farmer.

When they decided to get married, life became harder for the couple that at times they have nothing to eat.

They even experienced sleeping in a portion of a small pigpen. They used old cartons as walls and beds to make the pigpen more suitable for living.
KALASAG Farmers Producers Cooperative
San Jose City, Nueva Ecija
Onion Farmers Get Assured Market
Onion farmers in Barangays Kaliwanagan and San Agustin in San Jose City, Nueva Ecija have one good reason to be glad. This is because marketing their produce is no longer a problem.

Through the project bridging the farmers to the Jollibee food supply chain, the members of the KALASAG (Brgys. Kaliwanagan and San Agustin) Farmers Producers Cooperative are now benefitting from the value chain system project.

KALASAG was organized in 2008 with 30 members. Now, the coop has 53 members. Before being considered as full-time member of the coop, farmers need to be an associate member first as they still need to pass the screening stages of the coop.
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